Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Primary Phone Email
Barron, Felicia Secretary \ Registrar 363-2062
Colson, Marie Counselor 363-2071
Conference, Room 363-2098
Cooper, Vida School Community Coordinator 363-2067
Howell, Antonio Counselor 363-2091 email staff
Lounge/Workroom, Room 363-2085
Office, Main 363-2060
Office, Counter Phone 363-2077
Sweeney, Kelly Psychologist 363-2096 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Gradesort ascending Primary Phone Website Email
Price, Kim Paraprofessional Strides Unit 363-2048 email staff
Penn, Denise Intervention Specialist Eng./LA 363-2079
Rachford, Julie English/Language Arts 363-2073
Thomas, James Security 363-2088
Thumann, Michelle Intervention Specialist 363-2072
Lee, Christopher Para Professional 363-2081
Price, Kim Strides Unit 363-2073
Bell, Anthony Para Professional 363-2079
Spencer, Oliver Social Worker 363-2083
Back, Christina Speech Pathologist email staff
Hines, Robert Plant Operator 432-5453
Wooten, Lowanda Strides Unit Para Professional 363-2048
Penn, Denise Intervention Specialist and Case Coordinator 363-2070 email staff
Balle, Nicholas Social Worker (Tuesday and Friday) 363-2089 email staff
Lynn, Kuimore Security 363-2088 email staff
Breig, John Project Search
Bens, George Science 363-2078
Carter, RoAnn Intervention Specialist 363-2075
Ward, Samyra Custodian (1 - 9 p.m.)
Miller, Randy Social Studies 363-2080
Neighborgall, Rebecca Math 363-2074