Safe Crossings For Students

January 25, 2019

Dear CPS Family,

Safe school crossings have unfortunately become a major issue in our community. Earlier this school year, we tragically lost a Western Hills High School student, and at least 10 other students have been struck while walking to school or their bus since August. In most cases, the students were using crosswalks and observing pedestrian safety procedures. Almost all of the incidents occurred on the West Side of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education and administration officials are working with Cincinnati Police, the City of Cincinnati and other key parties to make pathways to school safer for our students.

In November, the Board of Education held a Transportation Summit to discuss these issues, including reliable bus transportation. CPS’s transportation services far exceed the State of Ohio’s minimum standards. State law requires districts to provide yellow bus service to public school elementary students who live two miles or more from their school; CPS provides yellow bus service to public, private, charter and parochial school students who reside within the CPS attendance boundaries and live one mile or more from their school. State law does not require public school districts to provide transportation for high school students; CPS provides bus transportation via Metro bus for high school students who reside 1.25 miles or more from their school.

CPS shoulders the cost of city crossing guards at key intersections at schools within the city limits. CPS currently contracts with the City of Cincinnati to provide 97 crossing guards, including guards recently added at the intersections of Ferguson Road and Ferguson Place, Ferguson Road and Prosperity Place, and Glenway Avenue and Sidney Road.

Working with city officials, CPS has created a special task force to address pedestrian safety near Western Hills High School and Dater High School. As of January 7, 2019, the group has replaced paddle delineators in nearby crosswalks and upgraded the street lighting to LED lights.

We are continuing to work with safety professionals to look for more ways we can improve the safety of our students walking to their bus or to school. The major factor in many of these accidents is distracted drivers.

Please take the opportunity to talk with your student about safely traveling to school. Emphasize they should always only cross the street at crosswalks, and where available, follow the instructions of the crossing guard.

Be assured that the leadership of Cincinnati Public Schools takes your students’ safety incredibly seriously, and we will continue to look for ways to improve student crossings.





Laura Mitchell
Cincinnati Public Schools